Do not worry for pet messes now. You can keep your floor and carpets clean with these effective cleaning tips.

If you have pets in the home, you can always expect pet hairs, odor or stains accumulated here and there, more often on carpets and sofas. Therefore a regular cleaning is necessary to keep your home clean and to prevent infections. If you find fur- covered and smelly carpets on your house, don’t blame your pets. Instead implement these easy carpet cleaning tips to make a difference as a pet owner. You can also hire Gleam & Glisten, professional carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to ensure a complete cleaning solution at your home.

Importance of carpet cleaning when there is a pet in your home

Cleaning carpets is essential in every pet owner’s house as the carpets get contaminated often by pet hairs, urine or feces, dirt and unpleasant odors. Without regular cleaning and vacuuming, carpets begin to look dirty and soiled to make the life of the carpet fibers shorten. Most of the times vacuuming may not be enough for a complete cleaning. In that case, hire any best cleaning services in Abu Dhabi to offer a professional carpet steam cleaning to prevent bacteria, dust, allergens, mold and poor indoor air quality. As an experienced service in carpet cleaning, Abu Dhabi, GG cleaning recommends you to clean your carpets professionally at least twice a year.

Tips to clean carpets for pet owners

  • Buy a hand held extractor to suck liquids from the carpets. Most of you would use paper towels to remove the mess in the carpets. But paper towels make it worse when stomped on it. Instead use a hand held extractor to completely extract the liquid out of the carpet.
  • If there is urine stains on the carpet, buy a urine- specific bio- enzymatic cleaner from the shop. These enzymes neutralize the urea and uric acid on it and also eliminate the proteins and other scratches.
  • Buy a carpet stain remover, which best acts on deep stains.
  • For solid messes in the carpet, use a putty knife to push it out.
  • Even after removing the solid messes, if there are stains, get an oxygenated pet stain cleaner to remove additional solids from the carpet fibers.
  • Don’t use the kind of home remedies with baking soda and vinegar, as these can only temporarily mask the odor but not eliminate the cause. Therefore finding a professional carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi will do a complete cleaning solution.

Things to consider while cleaning carpets

Cleaning the carpets is not an easy thing. Especially when your carpets are expensive and branded or you have pets in your home, which always tends to play or pee on it to make a complete mess. Therefore you need to know your carpet and its quality before doing a cleaning. Find what your carpet material is and see whether it needs a regular maintenance or not first. If the footfall of the carpet is higher, that needs a regular maintenance. If you have shag carpets, use dry shampoos or do a steam cleaning if it is badly soiled. If you have a wood carpet, brush them and a shampoo cleaning works better. For viscose carpets, use a mild setting to vacuum and a mild acetic acid solution for spot cleaning.

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