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If you are looking for a best carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi,look no further than the services we offer at GG Cleaning service.We have a professional team for carpet deep cleaning works and thus, you can always expect amazing results when hiring us every time.

Hiring an expert cleaning team like us offers a lot of benefits to your home/ office/ business. Since our team is readily equipped with all the resources in carpet cleaning, we are highly capable of providing effective solutions without any delay. Some cleaning is not reliable especially in the case of worst dirt and stain problems. If you want your carpet/ sofa material to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, leave the work to professional cleaners.

If you haven’t tried hiring our services yet, it’s high time you turn to us right away for your cleaning needs. Give our team the chance to prove the great worth of our carpet cleaning service to your home. During emergency situations, we are just right here at your call to render the professional help you need.

We are distinguished for providing:

  • On time service
  • Exceptional carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi
  • Consistent carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi
  • Experienced personnel
  • Pocket friendly service
  • Transparent service

  • Carpets if not cleaned after a period of time, become damp and very dirty. This can eventually make the environment unhealthy and cause diseases to those around. Unclean carpets favour the growth of disease causing microorganisms. It can lead to skin infections and respiratory troubles. Unfavourable odour will also be released from such carpets. Hence timely and deep cleaning of carpets is very important.

    Carpets even if made of different fabrics or materials or size will be cleaned by us efficiently. Our proficient team will take care not to damage the carpet while cleaning. The cleaning will be done using quality products and equipments. Vacuuming, washing, scrubbing etc will be done according to the requirement and demand of the clients. We ensure that all the dirt, pollutants, grime and soil will be eliminated by us along with the odour. The carpet will look fresh and new giving the space an attractive and comfortable feeling.

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    Hire us now for a one-time or regular carpet cleaning service. If you have more questions about our service terms and conditions, call us right away at +971 56 758 2276. Our service hot line is available 24/7 to answer your calls!

    Our Price List

    Our minimum charge is AED 125

     L-Shaped Sofa (up to 4 seats)
     AED 150
     Additional sofa per seat 
     AED 40
     Dining Chair – with one cushion
     AED 20/chair
     Dining Chair – with 2 cushions
     AED 30/chair
     King Sized Mattress
     AED 150
     Queen size mattresses 
     AED 125
     Single mattress 
     AED 100
     Carpet (Small rug- up to 3ft x 4ft). 
     AED 75
     Carpet (Medium rug – upto 4ft x 6ft) 
     AED 100
     Carpet (Wall to wall room – upto 14ft x 14ft) 
     AED 200/room
     Carpet (large areas that require furniture shifting) 
     price upon survey.


    Why should I choose professional carpet cleaning over others?

    There are many advantages of choosing a professional carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. Professional carpet cleaning is completely different from conventional cleaning. A trusted professional cleaning company like us can clean the carpets of any size and of any material. Having adequate equipments we make sure that the appearance of your carpet is restored and they look new and fresh. Our service of carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi also ensures that no moisture content remains in the carpet.

    How often will you clean my carpet?

    Our carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is carried out at the discretion of our customers. Clients can book, schedule and decide the frequency of the carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi as per their requirement.

    What about the reliability of the cleaners?

    Our cleaners for carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi are highly realisable and dependable. The best cleaners are hired by us so that we can give a complete satisfactory service. We take constant feedback from our clients regarding the service as well as about the personnel. The employees are monitored closely and they are given training and adequate instruction for extending excellent service.

    What is your price?

    The price of carpet cleaning Abu Dhabi charged by us is budget friendly and varies according to the size of the carpet. Our price for carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is detailed in the price list given in our site.

    Do you furnish the cleaning supplies?

    You need not worry about any cleaning supplies. All materials are brought to the site on the day of the cleaning.