If you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions, cleaning a sofa set, mattress, or curtain is essentially simple, secure, and easy. However, some homeowners frequently forget the rules and make grave errors that permanently harm their upholstery. For instance, improper stain removal techniques may end up doing more harm than good to the furniture.

There are professional sofa shampooing service in Abu Dhabi that gets your sofa cleaned in a jiffy. This blog today will go through some of the things you need to avoid in order to make your cough last longer.

  • Not Following Manufacture’s Guide

If you purchased your furniture from a reputable retailer, the salesperson or shop assistant should have given you advice on the upkeep procedures you need carry out to keep your pieces in great shape. 

These instructions were primarily written to help homeowners maintain their furniture properly and prevent needless damage. Therefore, if you don’t adhere to them, you can wind up making an expensive error that harms your upholstery.

  • Not Doing a Test Patch

You should always clean a test piece of cloth before cleaning any fabric, including upholstery. People frequently clean a test patch to determine whether their cleaning solution is compatible with the cloth.

You’d want to check the compatibility rather than ruin the entire piece of furniture or the cotton. As long as you are utilising the same cleaning techniques and you have had the same furniture for a time, there is no need to perform a test patch. When using abrasive cleaning agents, it is extremely crucial to perform a test patch.

  • Using too Much Water

Another avoidable error that individuals frequently commit is using too much water when cleaning. For instance, it would be a poor idea to immerse the entire sofa set in water while cleaning the sofa set.

You will find it challenging to soak up the entire sofa set because it is stuffed with cotton or sponge, both of which will absorb all the water. Even if you place it in the sun, it won’t be completely dry because the water would have seeped in so deeply. Placing the sofa set in the sun for days on end is neither practical nor convenient.

  • Using Wrong Cleaning Products

Upholstery shouldn’t be cleaned with any ammonia- or bleach-based cleaning solutions. In the worst-case scenario, it might harm the fibres and perhaps result in holes or splitting. At most, it will result in discoloration.

Always determine what kind of fabric is used to cover your furniture so that you can apply the proper cleaner. Contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure or leave cleaning your upholstery to sofa stain removal in Abu Dhabi.

Gleam & Glisten: Offering Professional Sofa Shampooing Service in Abu Dhabi

When you take into account the time you can spend learning about different cleaning methods, the price of the supplies, and the potential damage you can cause to your furniture, you will find that hiring an upholstery cleaning service really saves you money. 

Gleam & Glisten offers one of the best sofa shampooing service in Abu Dhabi, sending out qualified cleaners who can handle all of your cleaning needs while staying within your budget. We remove any dust from your property to enhance its appeal and give visitors a good first impression. 

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