Regular cleaning is important to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Be it your home or office a clean space provide a comfortable environment. Office is a space in which we spent major part of our day. Hence just like homes offices have to be cleaned routinely.

With the outbreak of coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting have become a part of everyone’s life. Even though everyone was working from home during the times of lockdown and other restrictions majority of the offices are now opening and have started to operate full time. With employees starting to work from office more precautions in cleaning have to be taken. Coronavirus is still there amongst us. Keeping this in mind proper cleaning of offices is required.

People come from different locations, they travel differently and they interact with different type of people. If not careful coronavirus can spread easily among your employees. Washing hands frequently, using sanitizer and cleaning and disinfecting surroundings can limit the spread of different types of diseases including corona. Gleam & Glisten (GG) Cleaning Services offers excellent office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. Gleam & Glisten (GG) Cleaning Services is undoubtedly the best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi with sufficient experience and knowledge.

When to Disinfect and Clean

  • As previously stated cleaning has to be done regularly. If there are cases of corona positives within the last 24 hours among any of the employees of an office then that space has to be disinfected immediately.
  • Places with no proper ventilation and air circulation have to be frequently cleaned. Closed areas promote the spread of diseases.
  • Offices where huge number of employees are working also have to cleaned within short intervals.
  • Offices should also prioritize cleaning where employees come in high risk category.
  • Offices where there is no proper access to sanitizer and hand washing areas should also be cleaned systematically.

You can employ a cleaning service provider to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting. They are well experienced and will use high quality sanitizers and products. Having proper knowledge and resources they will make your space spick and span. Gleam& Glisten (GG) Cleaning Services, cleaning company Abu Dhabi are well equipped with all the necessary resources to carry out proper cleaning for your office.

For effective cleaning process follow the below steps:


Plan how often cleaning has to be implemented. Make a list of the items and surfaces which are frequently touched by people like door knobs, table tops, light switches, handles, stair rails etc.

Choose an efficient cleaning service provider

It is advisable to contact a cleaning service provider especially in today’s COVID scenario to ensure efficient disinfection and cleaning. They will have the suitable products and equipment to make your office space clean. They will convert the surrounding to fresh healthy environment ideal for work. Hiring them will not only disinfect the space but also will improve the morale of the employees.


Once planning and choosing are done then the next step is to implement the process.
Contact Gleam & Glisten (GG) Cleaning Services, the company offering finest office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and make your office filled with positive vibes.