Maintaining clean interiors is an essential chore to ensure better air quality in indoor spaces. In the arid desert climate of Abu Dhabi, such cleaning is essential to stay clear of dust accumulation inside homes. However mere moping and dusting will not ensure complete hygiene for residents. This is where deep cleaning comes into the spotlight. As the name suggests it is a deep cleaning process that attends to the most overlooked corners of a building. This cleaning process ensures that dirt and grime accumulated over time are treated for complete cleanliness.

While deep cleaning Abu Dhabi can be done by hiring professional cleaners, it is possible to try it out on a DIY approach. It is possible with the right planning. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

A broom and dustpan, microfiber cloth, mop and bucket, vacuum, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, scrub, and dust bags are the essential supplies for deep cleaning.

Step 2: Declutter Interiors

Remove items from tables, cupboards, and shelves and keep them somewhere else so that they will not interfere with the cleaning process. Thus cleaning is made much easier.

Step 3: Deep Clean Individual Rooms


  1. Wipe Countertops and Surfaces: Remove food remnants and grime from these surfaces.
  2. Appliance Cleaning:Appliance is usually overlooked by most people while deep cleaning in Abu Dhabi. Make sure to clean the interior and exterior of appliances like fridge and oven
  3. Sink and Drain Maintenance:The sink, faucet, and drain need to be cleaned and disinfected. Drains can be unclogged using baking soda and vinegar.
  4. Cabinet and Pantry Organization:Empty these spaces, discard expired items, and restack essentials after a smooth wiping.
  5. Floor Cleaning:Once it is vacuumed for dust use a floor cleaner and mop it.

The remaining tasks such as scrubbing backsplashes, dusting light fixtures and ceiling fans, and cleaning grout lines also have to be included in the deep cleaning of the kitchen.


This is another area prioritized by the best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Shower and Tub Cleaning: Clean showerheads and faucets. Also, scrub tiles and grout lines.
  2. Toilet Sanitization: The toilet bowl, seat, and surrounding areas need cleaning and sanitization.
  3. Floor Maintenance: Using a disinfectant cleaner mop the floor.

Other than these basics pay attention to clean vents and exhaust fan. Also, wipe down mirrors and glass surfaces.

Living/Dining Room

Cleaning services in Abu Dhabi find these spaces as the most challenging deep cleaning task.

  1. Dust Removal: Use a microfiber cloth and dust surfaces from top to bottom.
  2. Upholstery Cleaning: Sofas, chairs, and cushions need to be vacuumed. Also, spot clean stains from these surfaces.
  3. Floor Care:Vacuum carpets and rugs. The hardwood and tile surfaces require a different treatment. Mop those surfaces using specialized cleaners.
  4. Window Treatment:Use the microfiber to dust curtains. The window glass needs to be cleaned with a glass cleaner. Make sure that it is free of streaks.
  5. Electronic Equipment: A microfiber cloth will be helpful to clean these equipment.

A similar treatment can be given to bedrooms as well. The additional cleaning required is for the bedding which needs proper laundry.

A Final Touch

As a final touch sanitize the most touched areas such as door knobs and spray some air fresheners in the rooms. Finally you will be satisfied with deep cleaning for your home in Abu Dhabi.

Even with such DIY efforts it is advisable to hire a professional once in a while for deep cleaning Abu Dhabi. In this direction, Gleam & Glisten Cleaning Co. is an ideal choice to partner with. With 35 years of experience in the industry, we are masters in this field of deep cleaning.