Do you enjoy having clean bathrooms and shining counters? You are not alone. Those two housekeeping jobs provide the greatest sense of fulfillment.

You’re not alone if doing the dishes isn’t your favorite duty! For most people, minimal cleaning is sufficient. Go deeper, though, if you want your home to sparkle and be a healthier place. If you are looking for deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, then this is for you. But before that, here is a checklist for deep cleaning.

Checklist for deep cleaning services

Do you find cleaning the house difficult? It is best to stay organized. Maintain a few buckets placed underneath the sink. For quick access, place a scrub pad, a scrub brush, dish soap, and disinfecting spray inside.

Have a spray bottle on hand that is filled with a solution of one-part white vinegar to one-part water. Use old and worn-out clothes/rugs for cleaning.

1. Kitchen

Most people sweep the floors, clean the dishes, organize the counters, and then call it a day. However, it takes a little more time to complete the kitchen’s deep cleaning checklist:

  • Range hood both inside and out
  • Inside and outside of an oven/microwave
  • Outside and inside of a refrigerator
  • Inside and outside of the dishwasher
  • Clean faucets and a disinfecting sink

Make sure to read the owner’s manual before you deep clean your oven. Chemical cleaners can damage some ovens. Before you begin cleaning, take everything out of the oven, including the racks.

2. Bathroom

As bacteria thrive in bathrooms, thorough cleaning is very important. For a quick clean, wash the sink and scrub the toilet bowl. The bathroom’s deep cleaning checklist is quite simpler as compared to the kitchen’s:

  • Inside and outside of the shower curtain
  • Grout – in the shower and countertops
  • The entire toilet

Shower curtains have mold on them. If you have a shower curtain that you can rinse in the washing machine, wash it hot. Consider replacing it every few months if it’s plastic.

Spray your shower curtain using a 1:1 vinegar and water solution regularly to extend its lifespan.

Nobody enjoys cleaning grout. Yet keeping mold at bay requires deep cleaning of the grout twice a year.

Don’t just swish clean the toilet bowl. Scrub everything thoroughly from top to bottom and inside and out.

3. Blinds and Windows

Although difficult to maintain, clean blinds and windows at least twice a year. Wet dusting is considered the best. Clean each blind slat by wiping it down using a towel dipped in the vinegar and water solution.

Vinegar works wonders on windows too. Dry them using crumpled newspaper to make them sparkle.

4. Baseboards

This is a simple task that most people overlook. Use an old rag to collect the dust after spraying vinegar and water around the baseboards. Easy!

5. Comforters

Wash every piece of bedding you have, not just the sheets, a few times a year. Wash the mattress cover, comforter, and pillows. Use hot water. This is to prevent the buildup of dust mites.

Gleam & Glisten Cleaning Services for deep cleaning your home

An excellent strategy to maintain organization and keep the house spotless is to use the thorough cleaning house checklist. It’s recommended to perform a thorough cleaning at least once every month, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

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