A clean surrounding equals healthy environment. Maintaining cleanliness is very important to keep diseases at bay. Cleaning is not limited to dusting and wiping of floors and windows. Dust which cannot be seen can be accumulated in furniture and other items of a room. Even in sofas and carpets dust and dirt get collected over time. Therefore proper cleaning of sofas and its adjacent carpet is necessary. It is certainly not practical to clean every nook and corners of a sofa and carpet by oneself. Hiring a professional service is advisable. Gleam& Glisten (GG) Cleaning Services is one of the best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi. We offer excellent sofa cleaning service in Abu Dhabi. Your sofa and carpet will be cleaned to perfection removing all the dust, dirt and stain. We do not comprise on our work and guarantees a spick and span sofa and carpet. Search for leading cleaning company Abu Dhabi, we will be ranked at the top.

Let us look at the benefits of availing a professional sofa cleaning service.


Cleaning and keeping everything is not possible when you have limited time. If you are working then it will be even more difficult. Therefore rather than taking out your time from your busy schedule, it is always better to hire a professional cleaning service.

Complete removal of dust

When we clean sofas and carpets by ourselves there certainly will be limitations. We will not have the required equipments or the cleaning materials. A professional sofa cleaning service provider will definitely have all the required materials and equipments. The layered dirt accumulated in sofas and carpets which we cannot remove is removed by them perfectly.

Fast process

Equipped with adequate technology and experience a professional cleaning service company will do the cleaning job quickly and swiftly.

Expertise and less damage

Having no knowledge in the cleaning processes to be applied to different materials will cause damage to your materials. Colour and its quality will get affected over time. Sofa cleaning companies will surely know about the different fabric and upholstery. They will know to clean these perfectly without causing damages to the items. They can turn sofas which have become dull into more bright and beautiful looking items.

Removal of odour

Sofas and carpets are prone to odour and if not properly cleaned the bad odour will cause discomfort to everyone in the room. Using fresheners and other products cannot remove this odour. A cleaning service company eliminates this and restores it to its freshness.

Drying process

A professional sofa cleaning company will definitely apply drying too in their cleaning activity. They will know how to dry the surface properly after cleaning.

Gleam & Glisten (GG) Cleaning Services offers effective and efficient sofa cleaning service in Abu Dhabi. Customers are our top priority. We utilize high quality materials for carrying out our services. Our team is made up experienced group of people and we guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Without waiting any longer contact us for your cleaning requirements.