The need for a person to have clean windows is common. Clean windows are the major attraction of a house. The cleanliness of a window demotes the cleanliness of the people living there. But how to clean a window pane spotless without scratch.?… Indeed it is a big question with no sure answer. Here comes the relevance of the glass cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, Glean and glisten cleaning services. We are mentioning some of the major tips we used to do while performing our job.

Ammonia and alcohol based cleaners are not good since they leave streaks and can even attract moisture or dust. Though they make an illusion of deep clean, in reality this is what happen. But you can use acetone or alcohol dipped cloth to rub directly on an unclean spot on the window. After wiping it dry, continue cleaning it using the common method. Do never use razor blades or other sharp materials inorder to clean your windows in any way because it might cause cracks on the window and can even lead to complete destruction of the window in future. A lint – free wipe which is soft too is mainly used for rubbing the solution, soon after clean the window by rubbing in different directions, to avoid damages. If still streaks are found, just use clean water to remove it. If you are going to purchase a solution, buy a brand that you trust. A pre- mixed vinegar based solution can also make beneficial results. That is, pour one portion distilled vinegar to 10 portion of warmwater in a spray bottle. Afterwards clean the window with a lint-free cloth to remove dust and impurities. Use this towel to work on all the impurities on the window, but do not accidentally apply it on the furniture as it can cause discoloration. Using another clean cloth dry your window soon after this process. Do this soon or streaks may generate. With water, clean the window if there are still streaks afterwards. To clean large windows, mix some vinegar into a large bucket, with a sponge rub it all over the windows, do this quickly so as to get rid of streaks. With a damp squeegee, wash of the solution from the windows by wiping from top to bottom . After all the streaks are gone, rest of the windows can be cleaned. Or else, dirt can accumulate in those functioning parts and can affect the overall working ability of windows. That is, it is all about maintenance, to make your window look clean and perfect. So, if you are a busy person with no time to do cleaning, contact us, glean and glisten cleaning services, the best cleaning service in Abudhabi rather than contacting a normal cleaning company abudhabi, because we will do all the required works to make your windows look perfect.